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Pickering Winery Supply offers the finest in cooperage from three French tonnelleries and one American cooper. Using traditional craftsmanship, all are committed to making the best wine barrels possible.

Vernou Tonnellerie Vernou

  • French, American & Romanian oak
  • Slow, consistent toast
  • Process and age all their own wood
  • Unique "Early White" program
  • Also make puncheons, oak uprights, casks and 110L/114L barrels
  • Patented Roll-Fermentor in 3 sizes
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Fouailly Tonnellerie Fouailly

  • Small, high-end Burgundian cooper determined to stay that way
  • Jerome Fouailly won Gold Medal as best cooper in France
  • Exclusively 36 month outside aged wood
  • Extremely long toasts
  • 228L, 225L, 265L & 300L available


Doreau Tonnellerie Doreau

  • Artisanal Bordeaux cooper
  • Fruit-driven finesse excellent with both reds and whites
  • Unique, 3-year, untoasted "Chauffe Blonde" barrel for greater structure and fruit presence.
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Cornerstone Cornerstone Cooperage

  • American Oak, tight grain, is sourced from the pre-eminent forestry product company in Pennsylvania, as well as fine & medium  grain oak from North Appalachia, Minnesota, Missouri and Kentucky
  • All barrels are water-bent, producing soft tannins.
  • Long toasts from custom-designed braziers keep the smoke outside the barrel.
  • Sweetness and spice, caramel and baked bread are descriptors for these barrels.
  • Available sizes: 225L, 228L & 265L. 24 & 36 month.

Barrel Alternatives

  • Powder, Chips, Segments, Mini-Staves, Tank Staves, Finishing Oak, Inserts and Barrel Kits from SuberOakAustralia.
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