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Erbslöh Geisenheim AG is a global specialist in the treatment of wine, and a leader in research and development, consulting and service. Besides innovative product formulation and optimization, the company offers a broad spectrum of support services. Erbslöh’s customers benefit directly from its competence gained from half a century of intensive cooperation with research establishments and institutes.

Pickering Winery Supply stocks the following products but also offers access to Erbslöh’s complete product line

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LittoZyme Sur Lies
Highly active enzyme mixture without cinnamoyl esterase side-activity. For optimized yeast lysis to promote quick mannoprotein release, resulting in improved structure and more

Trenolin Bukett
Comprehensive ß-glycosidase enzyme for greatly increased aroma release in white wines

Trenolin Color
Granulated red wine pectinase enzyme. Promotes maximum color extraction in conjunction with catechin release, for more permanent color stability. Depsidase-free

Trenolin FastFlow
Special liquid enzyme for intensive depectinization and thus better pressability, as well as improved filtration of white and red wines. Effective down to 40° F.

Trenolin Opti
Granulated pectinase for mash, must and wine treatment, depsidase-free

Trenolin T-Stab
Thermostable pectolytic enzyme complex for an accelerated maceration of red grape mashes during warming up to 167° F, depsidase-free


Bentonite powder for ultrafiltration purposes. Defined uniform particle size, no abrasive wear to cross-flow membranes

Highly efficient colloidal silicon dioxide on mineral base. Focuses wines without stripping flavor and aromas

Must bentonite for time-saving co-fermentation. Lowest available in heavy metal content and settling volume

Pure sodium bentonite, granulated, minimal dust formation

Liquid Isinglass allowing for easy application

Treatment of bitter substances and off-tastes. Unique Casein/PVPP blend.

Vinpur Special
Tannin absorbent, potassium caseinate powder with easy direct application.


VitaDrive F3
Yeast rehydration nutrient.

VitaFerm Bio
The first organic certified yeast nutrient, 100% biological origin.

VitaFerm Ultra F3
Multi-nutrient complex for yeast nutrition during fermentation.


Effervescent sulfur tablets for small-sized vessels.

Sekt-Klar Plus
Multi-component clarifying dispersion for traditional bottle fermentation.

CMC for permanent potassium bitartrate stability


LittoLevure CHA
Strong bayanus enological yeast for sparkling winemaking

LittoLevure Pink
For the modern, dry rosé wine. Promoting distinct fruit & color, protecting lively, delicate flavors

Erboferm Bio
Certified organic dry selected yeast

Erboferm Bouquet
High thiol-producing white wine yeast for wines very rich in aromatics with extensive desirable components.

Erboferm Color
Strongest fermenter of any color-promoting strain. Lowest anthocyanin absorption by yeast cell walls

Erboferm Freddo
Robust acid-preserving yeast for aroma preserving cold fermentation and fermentation onset at low temperatures for fresh-fruity wines

Erboferm InterDry
Ideal for fermentation stops. Particularly pronounced blossom fragrances and spicy aromas of ripe fruit.

Erboferm PinoType
For modern Burgundy profiles with spicy, fruity, berry, varietal characteristics. Promotes fruit ester and glycerol formation

Erboferm Rouge
Polyphenol stabilizing yeast for fruit forward red wine types.  Free of color destabilizing ß-glucosidase activity of other yeasts

Erboferm Structure
Structure and tannin-supporting yeast for full-bodied, color-intensive red wines

ErboFerm Wild & Pure
Natural Torulaspora strain with highest available alcohol tolerance on the market.Great for building mouthfeel

Erboferm Xtreme
Strongly fermenting hybrid yeast for an x-treme aroma profile with spicy, fruity character. Also highly effective for fermentation restarts