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Manufacturers and Technical Consultants:

The information in this data sheet is to the best of our knowledge correct at the date of printing. The company reserves the right to modify data without notice. Any change in data will normally be followed by issue of a new data sheet. The user should check the date of printing and if more than 12 months have elapsed, then the data should only be used after checking with our nearest sales office to establish that they are still valid. Since condition of application and service may be beyond our control, no liability can be accepted on the basis of these data. Dated 8/31/02
USES: Presses, bottling lines, crushers, walls, floors, tanks pads, industrial equipment, interior / exterior wine tanks - metal and concrete
COLOR:White, Gray, Wine Press Yellow, Black, Tile Red , Clear, Special tints by request.
COVERAGE:400 Square feet per gallon average.
FINISH:High gloss
DRYING TIME:Set to touch one hour. Recoat 4 to 32 hours.
THINNER:O’Sullivan 5409 Epoxy Thinner
SURFACE PREPARATION:Steel surfaces must be sandblasted to remove mill scale, and all surfaces must be chemically clean and free of grease, dirt, dust, and residual coatings. Can be self-priming or prime with 5-334 Primer surfacer. May be used on bare wood. Steel should be sandblasted and treated with vinyl wash primer or epoxy primer 5424 before applying 2 coats of 5402.
APPLICATION:Spray gun, roller, or brush.
METHOD OF APPLICATION:Component A should be mixed before adding component B. Mechanical mixing is always preferred. Mix for 5 minutes with equal volume of component B. Set aside and do not use for one hour. VERY IMPORTANT ! From this point the mixture will have a limited useable working life. (if necessary to use thinner, it must be added after the one-hour time period). Mix again for five minutes. Pot life at 70º F is 6-8 hours. 2 or 3 thin coats of 5402 should be applied with one day between coats to allow for solvent release. Allow five days curing time and wash well with warm water before using.
RESISTS:Water, acids, alkali, oils, wine and most spirits.
CAUTION:Area should be well ventilated. User should wear approved respiratory mask when spraying. This epoxy must not be applied in temperatures below 55º F. Check actual surface temperature. Do not use near open flame, sparks or other sources of ignition. FLAMMABLE MIXTURE. Keep away from children.