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Manufacturers and Technical Consultants:

The information in this data sheet is to the best of our knowledge correct at the date of printing. The company reserves the right to modify data without notice. Any change in data will normally be followed by issue of a new data sheet. The user should check the date of printing and if more than 12 months have elapsed, then the data should only be used after checking with our nearest sales office to establish that they are still valid. Since condition of application and service may be beyond our control, no liability can be accepted on the basis of these data. Dated 10/9/00
USES: Barrels, wood tanks, any porous wood surface. Allows wood to breathe.
COLOR:Milky green — dries to clear finish
COVERAGE:200 square feet per gallon. Depends on porosity of surface.
FINISH:Low satin sheen — multiple coats increase sheen.
VISCOSITY:Thin liquid
DRYING TIME:24 hours.
FLASH POINT: n/a (5-X650 is a water-base emulsion)
THINNER:None — wash equipment in warm soapy water
SURFACE PREPARATION:A porous surface is required. Remove all old coatings with soda ash and hot water; or in difficult instances use Epoxy Remover and rinse with clear water. Wood barrels may be swollen before BarrelGuard is applied, however the surface should not be too wet or coating will not dry properly. Always kill mildew on tanks before coating. Use Sodium Hypochlorite solution (Clorox, etc.) rinsed with clear water.
APPLICATION:Apply by means of brush, roller or spray— apply full wet coats. Allow one day or more between coats.
RESISTS:Mildew and discoloration.
CAUTION:Do not apply when air temperature is below 60° F. Store in warm room. Do not spray in confined area without proper ventilation and respirator. This is an industrial product. Keep out of reach of children. Use in well ventilated area.